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Thailand property title search

The first step that many foreign purchasers of property in Thailand overlook is performing a title search. This seems like common sense, but many foreigners make mistakes by not doing this. You will almost always learn something new about the property by performing a title search. The legal status of the title is accessible to the general public at the local Land office where the land is located.By conducting a title search one can determine the land's legal boundaries, whether the land has registered lines, mortgages, leases, etc.

Our legal service for Thai property title search:
Scope of services:

  • Conducting a search on the title and relevant documents of the land.
  • Ascertaining that the title document is in order.
  • Ensuring that a seller is the current owner of the land.
  • Confirm the lack of mortgage on the property, and the lack of further encumbrances, if any, on the land.
  • Check actions against the seller in both local courts and the Central Bankruptcy Court.
  • Verifying whether there is any restriction on the development of the land.

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